What’s Your Warmest Sweatshirt?

With temperatures at a record low for the past 20 years, finding the warmest sweatshirt for your budget is key. To make choosing one out of dozens of brands an easy task, we’ve narrowed down our 3 favorite sweatshirts that make winter weather bearable.

Gildan Dry Blend

Half cotton, half polyester, this hooded sweatshirt not only wears well but washes well too. The 50/50 blend limits shrinking, making keep-calm-gildan-sweatshirtit perfectly acceptable to throw this sweatshirt in the dryer free of worries. With Dryblend Wicking Performance, you can comfortably wear it to the gym or on a trail run. A double lined hood helps keep you warm when you’ve forgotten a hat, or nice and toasty when you double up. Most importantly though, this sweatshirt is nice and heavy, making it warm enough for any snowy day but still comfortable for lounging around the house.

Gildan Heavy Blend

What it lacks in the Wicking Performance area, the Gildan Heavy Blend makes up for in its lightweight comfort. This hooded sweatshirt is a great value buy for those looking to be able to layer their sweatshirts without feeling bulky or bundled up. At a lower price than the others, the Gildan Heavy Blend is also ideal if you’re looking to customize sweatshirts for an event or to help market your company. No matter what you plan on using it for, whether it’s business or comfort, this sweatshirt is a great buy.

Weatherproof Cross Weave

This hooded sweatshirt is the best choice for anyone that works outside, whether for a job or just weekend yard work. Made of 80% cotton and 20% fleece, this is the warmest sweatshirt you could ask for. A horizontal weave in the fabric limits any vertical shrinking, keeping your sweatshirt as close to its original size as possible … Continue reading

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How to Successfully Market Your Business During the Winter Season

With New England’s winter just beginning, seasonal merchandise is a great way to help advertise your business or give back to customers and employees. Whether your budget is modest or unlimited, here are some ideas on how to successfully market your business this winter season.

Small or New Business, Low Budget

When you’re just starting your business or beginning to expand, it is important to order what suits your company, in a reasonable amount. A great option for smaller businesses that want to offer customers and/or employees fun and seasonal merchandise is to pick two items and have each customized with their logo and brand colors. During winter weather, customizing an assortment of long sleeve t-shirts and beanie caps makes for a great way to effortlessly market your company without breaking your budget.

Growing Business, Moderate Budgetwinter-season-marketing

With a modest budget, you’re able to offer customers more variety in your merchandise selection. Park Lane Deli and Grille in Milford, CT, opted to customize half-zip fleeces, patterned scarves, two different hat options, and custom stickers. Each garment matched their brand’s colors and was customized with their company logo. With this package, they offer a great variety of merchandise for customers while providing their employees with some company gear. As anyone in marketing knows, the more your brand is seen and familiarized, the stronger your business grows.

Large Company, Large Budget

The more budget you have to work with, the more options there are available to you. Sweatshirts, fleeces, sweatpants, long sleeve t-shirts, beanie hats, ball caps, stickers, signs, vehicle decals – there is no end to the amount of opportunities. Order garments that stand out in color, or match/contrast with your company logo. With a higher budget, taking a slight risk in what you order is not a bad thing and … Continue reading

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Three Steps to a Seamless and Successful Spirit Wear Fundraiser

Spirit wear is one of the most enjoyable ways to show your school pride, no matter what age. With the fall season in full bloom, the time for spirit wear fundraisers is upon us. Before you get started organizing your school’s or your team’s fundraiser, follow these three key steps to making your spirit wear fundraiser easy, stress free, and – most importantly – successful.

amity-dance-team-spirit-wear-fundraiser1. Choose your logo and garments first. Choosing what logo you want to put on which garments is the single most important step to making your spirit wear fundraiser successful. The logo is the easiest to choose, as schools already have mascots and preferred fonts. Choosing garments is the next important decision, and often the most difficult decision when planning a spirit wear fundraiser. Many schools and teams think that by offering the widest variety of garments, their fundraiser will be the most successful. However, the opposite is true. By offering only a few select items – sweatshirts, shirts, and sweat pants, for example – your fundraiser will not only become easy to manage, but highly successful because people can quickly choose what they want and turn in their order forms quickly.

2. Send out your order forms. Once you’ve decided on your garments and logos, print out your order forms. Give students and parents at least a month to decide on what garments they wish to purchase.

3. Place your orders. Wait a week after their deadline, as there are bound to be a handful of late orders, and then place your official order. This will give parents, students, and yourselves enough time without feeling overwhelmed during your spirit wear fundraiser. By waiting an extra week after the deadline, you have a higher possibility of only needing to place one large order.


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