How To Market Your Business With A Clever Slogan

Raise your hand if you’ve bought a shirt solely because of the witty pun printed across the chest or back.

It’s true, most of us have done it before. Clever slogans are a genius marketing tool that companies employ to help grab your attention even when you’re not looking to make a purchase. Love it or hate it, they’re a great way to boost your own company as well. Whether you’re customizing apparel for a fundraiser or your own business, follow our tips and allow a play on words to do your marketing for you too.

A catchy slogan is the first, and possibly most important step to making sure your marketing plans work. Think of it as anfour-shirts-autumn-rose-florist inside joke with your customers. By establishing this inside joke, you’ve become familiar with them. You’re no longer a company, but a person they feel like they know and can trust. Once you’ve created that level of familiarity, you guarantee their return business.

There are a few keys to picking the right slogans for your company, as well as what apparel to print or embroider them on. First and foremost, you’ll need to know your audience well. Being aware of your desired customer’s age, likes, and dislikes will help you select both the right garments and phrases. It’s also very important to stay true to your company. Don’t choose something that will appeal to a new or existing demographic if it doesn’t feel natural. If it’s not right for your company, consumers will cringe just as much as you do when they see it.

A great example of picking clever marketing slogans is Autumn Rose Flower and Gift Shoppe, in Milford, CT. With phrases like “Nice blooms” and “Show me your stems,” they’ve designed shirts that will catch a customer’s … Continue reading

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