Shark Week Shirts – Does It Get Any Better?

Among my favorite holidays-that-aren’t-real-holidays (ie my birthday, national donut day, etc) Shark Week is at the top of my list. This week long celebration of man’s most terrifying adversary – JAWS, anyone?- began in 1987 and continues to inform viewers with terrifying shark facts each year. Shark Week has grown so popular that its become a fashion statement in its own right! While not everyone can be as terrifyingly fashionable as this runway model, here are our top 5 Shark Week shirts.

1. It’s a bad week to be a seal 

If you’ve watched any live television in the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen the Shark Week commercial with Snuffy the seal. Things don’t end well for poor Snuffy. To commemorate his (her?) short lived life, Discovery issued this Shark Week I Love Snuffy flip-up t-shirt.



2. Keep Calm and Swim Fast

Did you know that the Salmon shark, the world’s fastest shark, can swim up to 55 miles per hour? For those of you that just shrugged, thats 50 MPH faster than Olympian Michael Phelps can swim. Keep calm and swim faster. Swim really, really fast.


3. Polite Predators 

You’ll never meet a more polite predator, though we doubt they’ll get a second invite to dinner. They can’t help themselves. It’s in their nature, okay?! While a large great white shark can go up to three months without eating, some of its relatives just can’t resist the urge.


4.  What’s better than a shark on a bike? 

Nothing. The answer is absolutely nothing. Except maybe this shark with a mustache. (Okay, I realize this counts as two shirts, but they share the same whimsical category!)





















5. When you’re cold and lonely at the end of shark week…

Stay warm with this epic 3D shark hoodie shirt! With the crossing of your arms, you transform into the most terrifying fish in the sea! Perfect for Halloween costumes, pranking unsuspecting friends, or just wearing around the house.


Even the dogs are doing it this year.


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