How to Show Your Customer Appreciation and Why It’s Important

One of the biggest goals of any business owner is securing loyal customers that will return countless times and bring new customers with them. In order to reach this goal, it is important to keep one thing in mind – What is it that keeps you returning to your favorite companies? Companies that show appreciation for their customers tend to keep their customers coming back for more. Aside from being personable and responding quickly to any inquiries, the best way to show customer appreciation is to give your customers a small gift that will keep them thinking of you.

One of my favorite examples of this is Bob’s Discount Furniture. Inside of every one of their stores is a complimentary cafe that has freshly brewed coffee, warm cookies, and an assortment of candy to choose from. What’s not to like? This small addition to their stores makes their customer’s shopping experience much more enjoyable. While not every business can afford to give out fresh coffee and snacks, you can give something that your customers will use and appreciate.

How you choose to show your customer appreciation will largely depend on your budget. A new or smaller company may only be able to send a complimentary email or survey asking how their customer’s experience was. A larger company like Bob’s Discount Furniture may have the budget to install a small cafe in their business. Regardless, showing your customer appreciation is among your top priorities – no matter how much or how little you can afford. Something as small as a pen with your company’s name, telephone, and address or website printed on it can go a long way. Is your company hosting an event or fundraiser? Print custom shirts to give away or sell. If your business often goes door to … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Raise Money at Your Next Fundraiser

Whether you’re raising money for your company or a charity, a unique and interesting fundraiser is a successful fundraiser. Captivating slogans and logos, designs that draw people in and make them curious about your company or mission – all of these lead to raising money for your cause. The big question is how to come up with the right ones and what to display them on.

When starting to plan your fundraiser, consider your clientele. What is the age group that you are marketing to? Gender? Social class? All of these and more play into your final decision of how to run your fundraiser. Once you’ve recognized who your clientele is, you can begin to plan how you will raise money.

Bake sales and car washes are sure to draw people in, but they may not apply to your company. The best way to get the word out about your company and cause is to be creative. Your mission statement doesn’t need to be right on your company sticker or t-shirt. Instead, use an interesting logo or design to engage your clientele and make them want to know more. Think of your fundraiser as providing them with information and goods that they will want, rather than just raising money for your cause. With this mindset, you will be more in tune to what will grab your clientele’s interest and generate money for your fundraiser.

Just as your design and logo will help draw people to your fundraiser, so will the items that you advertise on and sell. A custom banner is perfect to help get the word out about when your fundraiser will take place and what it’s cause is. The products you use will depend on your targeted clientele. Teens and young adults will enjoy fun stickers, while adults … Continue reading

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How to Use Promotional Stickers to Your Company’s Benefit

When promoting your business, whether it is new or established, the last thing you might think to use is stickers. We see them everywhere. Kid’s coloring books, concerts, car windows and car bumpers. People enjoy stickers because they are fun, interchangeable, and (when done right) creative. When used as a promotional item, stickers must capture an on-looker in less than 5 seconds and draw them in with a unique design. Don’t let that intimidate you. Promotional stickers can help increase your brand awareness or promote a specific event.

Business-stickersThe key to promotional stickers is knowing what you are trying to promote and having a plan. One of my favorite places to find promotional sticker samples is at Warped Tour, an all day music festival during the summer. Stickers at Warped Tour have become a sort of event in and of themselves. To the people who go, they’re collectables and mementos. Most are free, but some are sold in packs at low prices. The best stickers from Warped Tour 2012 were actually from a vendor promoting awareness about product testing on animals. They were so creative and appealing that you wanted to sign up for their emails and phone lists just to get one. Even if your promotional sticker only says your company name or website, if the design can draw a potential customer in it will be a successful tool.

Stickers can serve many purposes when promoting your business. If you visit customers regularly, use your promotional stickers as a creative leave behind. Do customers come into your offices? Place stacks of stickers in areas that they are likely to see, such as waiting rooms or at a front desk. If your company hands out information packets, include a sticker or two in the packet. Promotional stickers are also the … Continue reading

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5 Affordable Ways to Successfully Promote Your Business

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is brand recognition. We often see businesses struggling to come up with creative ways to reach more people. Advertising can be expensive and often promotes your ad briefly in a newspaper, magazine, or on TV. Digital marketing, such as social media, is popular but it takes time and expertise to be effective. What do you do if you want to promote your business and build brand awareness immediately?

Custom apparel and promotional printing are often over looked. It is a common misconception that only businesses with large budgets can afford them. The truth is, there are many options to fit a variety of budgets. Your employees can wear your business apparel, a vehicle graphic can go on your car or truck and stickers or decals and go just about anywhere. Not to mention, any of these options will last longer than an ad in your local paper or a magazine.

Here are 5 affordable ways for you to promote your business

  1. Custom Business Apparel Customized t-shirts, jackets, and even hats are a great way to promote your business.. This works great for a variety of businesses including contractors, deli and restaurant owners, and other companies providing a service. By having your Embroidery-samplescompany logo printed on your employee’s shirts, you guarantee it will be seen and people will start to recognize the logo and name.
  2. Vehicle Graphics A graphic for your car is a great way to increase brand visibility since it’s already on the road.. By including your company name, contact information, logo, website and motto, you create the opportunity to market your company without effort. While you’re out on a job, or simply running errands, your vehicle graphic tells the public everything they need to know about your services offered and how
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