3 Easy Steps for Custom Team Uniforms for Little League Teams

With registration for little league teams nearing, there are three easy steps to ensuring that your child and their entire team has high quality custom team uniforms that stay within your budget. By following each of these steps, this year’s season (and every one after!) is guaranteed to kick off without a hitch.customized-team-uniforms-vertical

Step 1

The key to customizing well made shirts while staying within your budget is finding the right sponsors. Before you pick out t-shirt brands, colors, or even a logo (if one hasn’t already been chosen), find a support system of sponsors.

The best sponsors are local companies. These are the companies most willing to support local teams, schools, and events. Whether you’re making phone calls or going door to door, all it takes is explaining the cause and offering to print their logo on your team’s custom uniforms.

Step Two

Once you’ve found sponsors, picking the brand of your t-shirt is next. A lightweight and soft shirt will keep the kids cool and comfortable during games on scorching hot days. For example, when customizing team shirts for a little league baseball team, we recommend either a simple Gildan t-shirt or a Raglan t-shirt. For a basic budget, a Gildan t-shirt is the perfect lightweight and comfortable t-shirt. If you have more room in your budget, you can opt for a shirt with more detail and contrast, like our Raglan t-shirts.

Step Three

Once you’ve found your sponsors and decided what shirt brand you want, the next step is placing your order! To do so, all you’ll need are your team colors, team name, a logo (if applicable), and the logos or company names of your sponsor(s). Make a list of how many shirts you’ll need in which sizes, and submit your order! If you find that … Continue reading

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Three Steps to a Seamless and Successful Spirit Wear Fundraiser

Spirit wear is one of the most enjoyable ways to show your school pride, no matter what age. With the fall season in full bloom, the time for spirit wear fundraisers is upon us. Before you get started organizing your school’s or your team’s fundraiser, follow these three key steps to making your spirit wear fundraiser easy, stress free, and – most importantly – successful.

amity-dance-team-spirit-wear-fundraiser1. Choose your logo and garments first. Choosing what logo you want to put on which garments is the single most important step to making your spirit wear fundraiser successful. The logo is the easiest to choose, as schools already have mascots and preferred fonts. Choosing garments is the next important decision, and often the most difficult decision when planning a spirit wear fundraiser. Many schools and teams think that by offering the widest variety of garments, their fundraiser will be the most successful. However, the opposite is true. By offering only a few select items – sweatshirts, shirts, and sweat pants, for example – your fundraiser will not only become easy to manage, but highly successful because people can quickly choose what they want and turn in their order forms quickly.

2. Send out your order forms. Once you’ve decided on your garments and logos, print out your order forms. Give students and parents at least a month to decide on what garments they wish to purchase.

3. Place your orders. Wait a week after their deadline, as there are bound to be a handful of late orders, and then place your official order. This will give parents, students, and yourselves enough time without feeling overwhelmed during your spirit wear fundraiser. By waiting an extra week after the deadline, you have a higher possibility of only needing to place one large order.


By … Continue reading

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High Performance Shirts – Key to High Performance Work Outs

High performance workouts require high performance shirts. While fall weather is on its way, so are fall sports, and whether you’re on a team or just like to stay fit the right workout shirt is important. Cotton t-shirts are comfortable for day-to-day wear, but don’t dry nearly fast enough to endure an intense workout. A lightweight polyester shirt allows you to work hard without being weighed down.

Often when we suggest a polyester shirt, it is associated with the polyester fabric our parents or grandparents used to wear – heavy. Polyester shirts have transformed from a heavy material to a lightweight shirt designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The fabric is nearly as innovative as the latest technology. Different styles and companies offer different features. Certain styles have features such as snag proof, to keep the fabric from pilling or tearing. Other shirts are anti-microbial or anti-bacterial to keep your shirts from smelling after a tough workout. Some polyester shirts even offer SPF 30 protection from the sun.

When looking for the right shirt, there are a number of labels to look for. Most performance shirts will say something like Moisture Management, Cool-Dri, Clima-Cool, or Moisture Wicking on them. Each of these labels indicates that this is a shirt that will dry quickly, if not instantly. Never again will you have to suffer through the slick feeling of a sweat-soaked shirt being stuck to your back again – something no one enjoys.

While labels like Clima-Cool and Cool-Dri all indicate the ability to dry quickly, the different shirt brands will offer additional benefits such as being anti-microbial or SPF protection. Three of our favorite performance shirts brands include Champion, Hanes, and Augusta Sportswear. These well known name brands fit well, are soft to the touch, and allow … Continue reading

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Customize Your Softball Uniforms!

As the warm weather begins to melt the snow, there’s one thing on our minds – Spring sports. Nothing is more relaxing or refreshing as spending some time in the sun out on the field. Each year, kids line up to sign up for town baseball leagues, and parents join their own softball leagues for some recreational fun. Whether you’re a serious competitor or simply looking for some fun after work, designing your softball uniform is part of the fun when participating in a recreational league.

Softball uniformsThe first step to designing your team’s uniform is picking a logo and team colors. A common trend in softball leagues around the area is to find a sponsor. It could be your local watering hole, the company you work for, or someone in the community looking to help their name become more recognizable. Sponsors often cover the cost of your shirts, entry fee, and hats. In return teams use the business name, logo, or add information to the back of the jersey. It’s a great way to cut costs and help local businesses reach more people.

Once you know what you want you want your uniforms to look like the rest is as simple as picking out the shirt style. Team shirts can be 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or a blend of the two. A cotton t-shirt is likely to feel heavier in the warm weather and will shrink about one-quarter of an inch all the way around after the first wash. A polyester shirt will help wick away sweat while you’re out on the field and will not shrink. A blend of the two materials meets a happy medium. Whichever material you prefer, a simple t-shirt is always a great go-to, especially if you’re on a budget. If you have a little … Continue reading

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5 Tips for a Successful School Spirit Wear Fundraiser

School Spirit Thought Bubble

When it comes to school fundraisers, school spirit wear is a fun alternative to the traditional bake sales and pie fundraisers. Let’s face it, no one has the freezer space to hold each pie ordered and bake sales take time to raise a sufficient amount of money. A school spirit wear fundraiser is timeless. School spirit is what makes high school and college an experience. Every student enjoys representing his or her school colors, mascot, and logo. Even parents purchase school apparel to support their children and the school they go to. When planning a school spirit fundraiser, it is best to plan ahead. Spring will be here before you know it and the time to start planning your school spirit wear fundraiser is now.

Common questions that we hear are What type of garments do you offer? Which should we purchase? How many? These, among other questions, commonly come up as school boards begin to consider spirit wear fundraisers. With that in mind, we thought we would provide these five tips as you begin to plan your school’s spirit wear fundraiser.


  • Know your market. Who are you selling to? Is it an elementary/middle school or a high school? Are you targeting parents as well as students? What are the trends that you see around the school? Has tie-dye become a growing trend or do students prefer school related colors? Each age group will have their own preference. For example, students may prefer baseball hats and tie-dyed shirts while parents may be more attracted to sweatshirts and windbreakers.
  • Keep it simple. Rather than trying to offer a huge selection of items, stick to the classics. T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts are always top sellers. Sweatpants are also a great idea and you can always offer variety by including traditional sweatpants
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