3 Great Uses for Halloween Stickers


Decorating for Halloween is just as much fun as dressing up and trick-or-treating. Whether you’re stringing up orange lights for some October ambiance or covering your shrubbery with cobwebs, there’s one decoration you have to try this year – Halloween stickers. Unknown to some, stickers have the power of multi-tasking to meet your Halloween needs, whether it’s for decoration or otherwise. Check out our top 3 favorite uses of Halloween stickers this year.


  • Pumpkin Carving parties – Organizing a play date for the kids to carve their pumpkins together? Save yourself some clean up time by customizing different shaped stickers for eyes, noses, and mouths. Get creative and add in cat ears or bat wings to wrap around the pumpkins. By providing variety, kids will be excited and can decorate every inch of their pumpkins without leaving a mess for you to pick up!
  1. A healthy alternative to handing out candy - For those of you who cringe at the thought of handing out pounds of chocolate and cavity-inducing snacks, hand out some fun Halloween themed stickers instead! Growing up, everyone always encounters that one neighbor who would try to hand out a “healthy snack” instead of the jumbo sized Twix bar we all really wanted. Put down that economy pack of Nutri-grain bars and hand out packs of creative Halloween stickers that your trick or treaters can have fun with.
  2. Decorations and party favors at Halloween parties – Whether you’re giving out goodie bags, filling up a pinata, or just looking to bring a haunted element to your home, stickers can be customized to suit your needs. Decorate frames with bat silhouette stickers, set some out on tables, or even use them to distinguish whose cup is whose.

On the spookiest day of the year, Halloween stickers are a … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Raise Money at Your Next Fundraiser

Whether you’re raising money for your company or a charity, a unique and interesting fundraiser is a successful fundraiser. Captivating slogans and logos, designs that draw people in and make them curious about your company or mission – all of these lead to raising money for your cause. The big question is how to come up with the right ones and what to display them on.

When starting to plan your fundraiser, consider your clientele. What is the age group that you are marketing to? Gender? Social class? All of these and more play into your final decision of how to run your fundraiser. Once you’ve recognized who your clientele is, you can begin to plan how you will raise money.

Bake sales and car washes are sure to draw people in, but they may not apply to your company. The best way to get the word out about your company and cause is to be creative. Your mission statement doesn’t need to be right on your company sticker or t-shirt. Instead, use an interesting logo or design to engage your clientele and make them want to know more. Think of your fundraiser as providing them with information and goods that they will want, rather than just raising money for your cause. With this mindset, you will be more in tune to what will grab your clientele’s interest and generate money for your fundraiser.

Just as your design and logo will help draw people to your fundraiser, so will the items that you advertise on and sell. A custom banner is perfect to help get the word out about when your fundraiser will take place and what it’s cause is. The products you use will depend on your targeted clientele. Teens and young adults will enjoy fun stickers, while adults … Continue reading

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5 Affordable Ways to Successfully Promote Your Business

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is brand recognition. We often see businesses struggling to come up with creative ways to reach more people. Advertising can be expensive and often promotes your ad briefly in a newspaper, magazine, or on TV. Digital marketing, such as social media, is popular but it takes time and expertise to be effective. What do you do if you want to promote your business and build brand awareness immediately?

Custom apparel and promotional printing are often over looked. It is a common misconception that only businesses with large budgets can afford them. The truth is, there are many options to fit a variety of budgets. Your employees can wear your business apparel, a vehicle graphic can go on your car or truck and stickers or decals and go just about anywhere. Not to mention, any of these options will last longer than an ad in your local paper or a magazine.

Here are 5 affordable ways for you to promote your business

  1. Custom Business Apparel Customized t-shirts, jackets, and even hats are a great way to promote your business.. This works great for a variety of businesses including contractors, deli and restaurant owners, and other companies providing a service. By having your Embroidery-samplescompany logo printed on your employee’s shirts, you guarantee it will be seen and people will start to recognize the logo and name.
  2. Vehicle Graphics A graphic for your car is a great way to increase brand visibility since it’s already on the road.. By including your company name, contact information, logo, website and motto, you create the opportunity to market your company without effort. While you’re out on a job, or simply running errands, your vehicle graphic tells the public everything they need to know about your services offered and how
  3. Continue reading

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How to Grow Your Business With a Vehicle Graphic

When building your company, it is important to focus on your brand. How will your company be recognized? Do you have a logo? Is your brand logo visible to potential customers? Each of these aspects is important when building your company. It is crucial that your brand logo stands out, is appealing to the eye, and attracts new customers.

Vehicle graphics allow you to accomplish all three goals at once. Growing companies, like Mike’s Handyman Services, benefit from vehicle graphics because anyone on the road can see them. As a young general contractor company, Mike’s Handyman Services has been invehicle-graphics-graphic business since 2005. Based out of Waterbury, they service all of the New Haven County, specializing in painting, roofing, siding, and flooring. They have the skills to get the job done well, but without the recognition jobs are hard to come across.

By customizing vehicle graphics for their company, Mike’s Handyman Services has been able to grow their business a little more every day. Each side door of the company’s trucks has the name of their business on it. The back bumper of the truck repeats the name of the company, as well as their phone number and the slogan “No job too small”. By adding these details to their company trucks, they ensure that people begin to recognize their name.

Vehicle graphics can be customized specially for each company’s need and budget. Gaining even one customer from the use of a vehicle graphic pays off the graphic itself. When people find they are in need of a contractor, they’ll think of the Mike’s Handyman Services truck they saw while driving on the highway. As a small business, Mike doesn’t have time to market during the day while he’s working. His Vehicle graphic makes sure he’s marketing whether he’s on Continue reading

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From Pinterest Designs to Custom Wall Decals

Decorating your home is all about personalizing your space. You want guests to walk in and say, “Wow, that looks amazing! Where did you get it?” as they secretly envy your interior design skills. The challenge is finding the right inspiration and a store that carries what you want. Retail home goods stores tend to carry the same generic but “unique” products everyone has.. After combing through stores, where else is there to turn for inspiration but Pinterest?

Pinterest is a vortex of inspiration. Once you start scrolling, you can’t stop, and before you know it you’ve found dozens of ideas for decorating your home. Ideas that seem to go nowhere because the wall decal or laptop sticker you just fell in love with isn’t anywhere to be found. Instead of despairing, why not take that inspiration and create your own custom wall decals?

Custom wall decals are great because they add a personalized touch to your home without ruining your walls. They decal-pinspirationcan be taken down just as easily as they were put up, giving you the ability to redesign and redecorate, should you want to. Wall decals are delicate enough to leave your paint on the walls but sturdy enough to withstand the humidity in a steamy bathroom or the heat of your kitchen. Best of all, you can customize them to your specific desires, and when it’s time for a change they’ll come down as easily as they went up.

Creative designs like tentacles waving over the sides of your bath tub or a modern wall decal of 3D telephone poles that add depth to any room are inspiring. However, designs like these often lead to dead-end searches that start with Pinterest and end with a Google images page. Designing your own unique wall decals is … Continue reading

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