3 Easy Steps for Custom Team Uniforms for Little League Teams

With registration for little league teams nearing, there are three easy steps to ensuring that your child and their entire team has high quality custom team uniforms that stay within your budget. By following each of these steps, this year’s season (and every one after!) is guaranteed to kick off without a hitch.customized-team-uniforms-vertical

Step 1

The key to customizing well made shirts while staying within your budget is finding the right sponsors. Before you pick out t-shirt brands, colors, or even a logo (if one hasn’t already been chosen), find a support system of sponsors.

The best sponsors are local companies. These are the companies most willing to support local teams, schools, and events. Whether you’re making phone calls or going door to door, all it takes is explaining the cause and offering to print their logo on your team’s custom uniforms.

Step Two

Once you’ve found sponsors, picking the brand of your t-shirt is next. A lightweight and soft shirt will keep the kids cool and comfortable during games on scorching hot days. For example, when customizing team shirts for a little league baseball team, we recommend either a simple Gildan t-shirt or a Raglan t-shirt. For a basic budget, a Gildan t-shirt is the perfect lightweight and comfortable t-shirt. If you have more room in your budget, you can opt for a shirt with more detail and contrast, like our Raglan t-shirts.

Step Three

Once you’ve found your sponsors and decided what shirt brand you want, the next step is placing your order! To do so, all you’ll need are your team colors, team name, a logo (if applicable), and the logos or company names of your sponsor(s). Make a list of how many shirts you’ll need in which sizes, and submit your order! If you find that … Continue reading

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What’s New With On Time, Online


As a small business, our customers are key. To make your experience with us even more enjoyable, we’ve added some great new updates to our website. Here are 5 new attributes to our company’s website, inspired by and created just for you!

New Website Design

To make our website as informational and easy to navigate as possible, we’ve revamped the entire site. We now have a mobile and tablet friendly website with a cleaner design for easier navigation. Just click (or tap) what you need and browse our great prices on t-shirts and other products.

Get Your Instant Quote Now

With our new quote tool, you can get an instant quote for your order. Just enter your t-shirt project and quickly calculate the cost of your quality t-shirt order. Browse our printed apparel page for instant quotes on top quality long sleeve t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, or crew neck sweatshirts. This hand picked selection of garments are our most highly requested garments for screen printing and embroidery. To receive your instant quote for printed apparel, simply plug in the quantity you’d like for each size, what color you want, and how many print colors on the front and back of your garment.

School and Business Uniform Stores

Are you a business owner? Does your school district require school uniforms? Make the order process as simple as possible by setting up an online store with us! Our skilled team is able to set up an online store for any business or school. Now your employees or students can order their custom work or school uniforms online at their convenience. To get your custom online store started, just provide us with basic details such as what garments you want to offer, any logos and type that should be custom printed or embroidered, … Continue reading

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How To Market Your Business With A Clever Slogan

Raise your hand if you’ve bought a shirt solely because of the witty pun printed across the chest or back.

It’s true, most of us have done it before. Clever slogans are a genius marketing tool that companies employ to help grab your attention even when you’re not looking to make a purchase. Love it or hate it, they’re a great way to boost your own company as well. Whether you’re customizing apparel for a fundraiser or your own business, follow our tips and allow a play on words to do your marketing for you too.

A catchy slogan is the first, and possibly most important step to making sure your marketing plans work. Think of it as anfour-shirts-autumn-rose-florist inside joke with your customers. By establishing this inside joke, you’ve become familiar with them. You’re no longer a company, but a person they feel like they know and can trust. Once you’ve created that level of familiarity, you guarantee their return business.

There are a few keys to picking the right slogans for your company, as well as what apparel to print or embroider them on. First and foremost, you’ll need to know your audience well. Being aware of your desired customer’s age, likes, and dislikes will help you select both the right garments and phrases. It’s also very important to stay true to your company. Don’t choose something that will appeal to a new or existing demographic if it doesn’t feel natural. If it’s not right for your company, consumers will cringe just as much as you do when they see it.

A great example of picking clever marketing slogans is Autumn Rose Flower and Gift Shoppe, in Milford, CT. With phrases like “Nice blooms” and “Show me your stems,” they’ve designed shirts that will catch a customer’s … Continue reading

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How To Create The Perfect Custom Gift Bag

Gift bags are more than lollipops and candy rings – in the corporate world, they’re a great way to network and market. Award employees of the year/month, thank fundraiser attendees, or welcome a new orientation group with a custom gift bag.

The key to creating a great gift bag is customizing each item within the bag. Anyone can throw a pen, pencil, t-shirt, and key chain together in a bag. By customizing everything with your company name, website, and even your phone number, you market your company and reinforce that you are a professional, organized, and trustworthy business.custom-gift-bag-items

To create the perfect custom gift bag, start by choosing which bag you’ll use. A simple drawstring bag is standard. You can choose one color or multicolor bags based on which option matches your company logo and brand best. Options like drawstring bags with a pocket add an extra touch. A simple drawstring bag works best for fundraisers and company events. If you’re planning an important conference or annual event, you may want to choose a high quality bag that has more every day value, like a laptop bag or duffel bag. All are easily customizable through screen printing or embroidery. Customize your bag with a fun graphic pertaining to your event, or keep it simple with your company name and logo.

Once you’ve decided on what bag to use and the design you’d like, choose what you want to go in the bag. If you’re hosting an awards ceremony, have trophies custom engraved with the receiver’s name and honorable title. For fundraisers, custom key chains, glasses, mugs, pens, and even dog tags are great items to include.

As you plan out your gift bags, think about what kind of apparel you want to include. Is this a summer event? Have t-shirts … Continue reading

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What’s Your Warmest Sweatshirt?

With temperatures at a record low for the past 20 years, finding the warmest sweatshirt for your budget is key. To make choosing one out of dozens of brands an easy task, we’ve narrowed down our 3 favorite sweatshirts that make winter weather bearable.

Gildan Dry Blend

Half cotton, half polyester, this hooded sweatshirt not only wears well but washes well too. The 50/50 blend limits shrinking, making keep-calm-gildan-sweatshirtit perfectly acceptable to throw this sweatshirt in the dryer free of worries. With Dryblend Wicking Performance, you can comfortably wear it to the gym or on a trail run. A double lined hood helps keep you warm when you’ve forgotten a hat, or nice and toasty when you double up. Most importantly though, this sweatshirt is nice and heavy, making it warm enough for any snowy day but still comfortable for lounging around the house.

Gildan Heavy Blend

What it lacks in the Wicking Performance area, the Gildan Heavy Blend makes up for in its lightweight comfort. This hooded sweatshirt is a great value buy for those looking to be able to layer their sweatshirts without feeling bulky or bundled up. At a lower price than the others, the Gildan Heavy Blend is also ideal if you’re looking to customize sweatshirts for an event or to help market your company. No matter what you plan on using it for, whether it’s business or comfort, this sweatshirt is a great buy.

Weatherproof Cross Weave

This hooded sweatshirt is the best choice for anyone that works outside, whether for a job or just weekend yard work. Made of 80% cotton and 20% fleece, this is the warmest sweatshirt you could ask for. A horizontal weave in the fabric limits any vertical shrinking, keeping your sweatshirt as close to its original size as possible … Continue reading

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