3 Great Uses for Halloween Stickers


Decorating for Halloween is just as much fun as dressing up and trick-or-treating. Whether you’re stringing up orange lights for some October ambiance or covering your shrubbery with cobwebs, there’s one decoration you have to try this year – Halloween stickers. Unknown to some, stickers have the power of multi-tasking to meet your Halloween needs, whether it’s for decoration or otherwise. Check out our top 3 favorite uses of Halloween stickers this year.


  • Pumpkin Carving parties – Organizing a play date for the kids to carve their pumpkins together? Save yourself some clean up time by customizing different shaped stickers for eyes, noses, and mouths. Get creative and add in cat ears or bat wings to wrap around the pumpkins. By providing variety, kids will be excited and can decorate every inch of their pumpkins without leaving a mess for you to pick up!
  1. A healthy alternative to handing out candy - For those of you who cringe at the thought of handing out pounds of chocolate and cavity-inducing snacks, hand out some fun Halloween themed stickers instead! Growing up, everyone always encounters that one neighbor who would try to hand out a “healthy snack” instead of the jumbo sized Twix bar we all really wanted. Put down that economy pack of Nutri-grain bars and hand out packs of creative Halloween stickers that your trick or treaters can have fun with.
  2. Decorations and party favors at Halloween parties – Whether you’re giving out goodie bags, filling up a pinata, or just looking to bring a haunted element to your home, stickers can be customized to suit your needs. Decorate frames with bat silhouette stickers, set some out on tables, or even use them to distinguish whose cup is whose.

On the spookiest day of the year, Halloween stickers are a … Continue reading

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7 Awesome Halloween Shirt DIY Projects To Try

Whether you’re carving pumpkins or turning your house into a haunted mansion, one of the best parts of Halloween is the crafts. Nothing gets us in the spirit of Halloween like a Halloween DIY project. Of course, the best inspiration comes from blogs all over the internet. This year, we’re trying everything from pumpkins to candy corn and shrunken skulls – on our shirts, that is. Check out these 7 spook-tacular Halloween shirt DIY projects.

Pumpkins are the staple of every Halloween, whether they’re on your front stoop or the front of your t-shirt. This Glowing Grin Halloween T-shirt from ilovetocreate.com is great for any age, event, or daily outfit. All you need is some fashion glitter, fabric paint, your t-shirt of choice, and a few other trusty items to turn your shirt into the perfect pumpkin. Follow this blogger’s insightful directions here.


Give a summertime staple a Halloween twist with this tie-dye skull shirt! Whether you choose to use rubber bands or stick to the pleating method shown in the video, this Halloween DIY won’t disappoint.


Not into skulls but still love the Halloween spirit? Turn your ordinary white t-shirt into a delicious piece of candy corn. All you need is orange dye, yellow dye, and a paint brush. No folding, pleating, or elastic bands needed.


For the true DIY-undertakers, try this Halloween stencil technique! Melissa, a mom and ultimate crafter, noticed that while Halloween shirts were in abundance for her younger children, there were not so many for those that are all grown up. To fix this, she braved the stencil world and created some truly awesome t-shirts! Whether you’re tech-savvy or an amateur at best, you can customize similar Halloween shirts by using an art file or a simple stencil. Those that have mastered … Continue reading

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How To Decide if Custom Embroidery is Right for You

Custom embroidery has the power to transform an ordinary garment into something unique – but how do you know it’s the right choice for you? With so many other options for customization, it might be hard to decide. To help make your decision easier, we’ve composed this mini check list of instances when custom embroidery is best.

  • What type of garments are your looking to embroider? Garments like polo shirts, button downs, sweatshirts, jackets, and even pants are perfect candidates for custom embroidery. Regular cotton t-shirts are not often embroidered because the fabric is so light that the stitching would weigh them down.
  • Are you looking to customize a small area like a pocket? When customizing areas such as jacket pockets or pockets on bags, embroidery allows for the highest quality customization.
  • Do you want to customize hats? The best way to customize any type of hat, whether it’s a baseball cap or a beanie, is to embroider them. It’s long lasting and provides a high quality, polished look.
  • Are your custom garments for work purposes? Embroidery allows for a more finished look. It works best with garments such as polo shirts and button downs, and is a great way to look professional while having fun and being comfortable.
  • How many colors are in your logo/preferred text? By embroidering your garments, you give yourself the option of having anywhere form one to 16 different colors in your logo. Other methods of customization such as screen printing are limited to only 5 colors.

If you found yourself nodding yes to any of the above, embroidery is the best method of customization for your garments. By choosing embroidery, you opt for a high quality, long lasting look that is both creative and professional.… Continue reading

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Three Steps to a Seamless and Successful Spirit Wear Fundraiser

Spirit wear is one of the most enjoyable ways to show your school pride, no matter what age. With the fall season in full bloom, the time for spirit wear fundraisers is upon us. Before you get started organizing your school’s or your team’s fundraiser, follow these three key steps to making your spirit wear fundraiser easy, stress free, and – most importantly – successful.

amity-dance-team-spirit-wear-fundraiser1. Choose your logo and garments first. Choosing what logo you want to put on which garments is the single most important step to making your spirit wear fundraiser successful. The logo is the easiest to choose, as schools already have mascots and preferred fonts. Choosing garments is the next important decision, and often the most difficult decision when planning a spirit wear fundraiser. Many schools and teams think that by offering the widest variety of garments, their fundraiser will be the most successful. However, the opposite is true. By offering only a few select items – sweatshirts, shirts, and sweat pants, for example – your fundraiser will not only become easy to manage, but highly successful because people can quickly choose what they want and turn in their order forms quickly.

2. Send out your order forms. Once you’ve decided on your garments and logos, print out your order forms. Give students and parents at least a month to decide on what garments they wish to purchase.

3. Place your orders. Wait a week after their deadline, as there are bound to be a handful of late orders, and then place your official order. This will give parents, students, and yourselves enough time without feeling overwhelmed during your spirit wear fundraiser. By waiting an extra week after the deadline, you have a higher possibility of only needing to place one large order.


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