Using Twill Applique – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Customizing your own apparel is a fun and creative way to advertise a business, event, or fundraiser. While deciding on a logo or design is central to customizing your apparel, choosing the best method of customization is equally important. Customers regularly request that garments be embroidered, screen printed, or heat pressed. However, sometimes the best chosen method is none of the above. In these instances, twill applique is the perfect method to customizing your apparel.

Twill applique is something not often used, but widely useful. Often, when brought up, we receive puzzled looks and a few questions. To further explain the process and benefits of twill applique, we thought we would answer all of your questions here.

What in the world is Twill Applique?   

Applique is the process of sewing the twill onto a garment. Twill is 100% polyester. Twill comes in a variety of colors and has pressure sensitive adhesive on one side, to ensure easy layout positioning.

Why twill? Can’t we just embroider?   

You can always have a logo embroidered onto your garment. However, larger logos that contain hundreds of thousands of stitches can distort your garment. Because long stitches often come loose, smaller stitches are used to complete embroidered logos. This means more stitches and more thread. The more thread you use, the more likely your logo is to bunch the fabric of your garment, simply because of the weight of the thread. To keep this from happening, we sometimes use twill, a polyester material that can be cut in the shape of your logo and sewn with 80% less stitching.

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Wedding Banners and Signs – The Latest Trend in Wedding Decor


Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, decorating with a wedding banner and signs is the perfect way to be creative, have fun, and stress less about your wedding décor. If you’ve been using Pinterest to help plan your wedding, you’ve likely seen photos of a bride and groom holding Thank You signs for their custom thank you card. Images of flower girls and ring bearers carrying signs that read “Here comes your girl” are just as popular. These are only two examples in which a wedding banner and sign can be both useful and fun.guests-under-the-wedding-banner

The great thing about using a custom banner or sign at your wedding is that it is 100% exactly what you wanted. Rather than picking from a list of what is already available, you can choose your own logo, text, images, size, colors, etc. For those of us who are indecisive at best, narrowing down options may take a while. Once you decide which design/color combination you like best, you’ll be happier with your new decorations than you could have imagined.

Recently, a co-worker’s son got married and chose to use both banners and signs to decorate his rehearsal dinner, which took place on a beach. Banners that read “Anna and Eric’s Beach Party” were customized with colorful fish and hearts, as a surprise to the couple. Guests were not only able to easily find the beach party, but they had a blast taking candid pictures underneath the banner.

Wedding banners and signs aren’t solely decorations. They’re a prop for wedding guests to have fun with as well. If you’re planning on setting up a photo booth at your wedding, one of the latest wedding planner trends, both banners and signs make for great photo backdrops and props. On top of everything else, … Continue reading

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High Performance Shirts – Key to High Performance Work Outs

High performance workouts require high performance shirts. While fall weather is on its way, so are fall sports, and whether you’re on a team or just like to stay fit the right workout shirt is important. Cotton t-shirts are comfortable for day-to-day wear, but don’t dry nearly fast enough to endure an intense workout. A lightweight polyester shirt allows you to work hard without being weighed down.

Often when we suggest a polyester shirt, it is associated with the polyester fabric our parents or grandparents used to wear – heavy. Polyester shirts have transformed from a heavy material to a lightweight shirt designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The fabric is nearly as innovative as the latest technology. Different styles and companies offer different features. Certain styles have features such as snag proof, to keep the fabric from pilling or tearing. Other shirts are anti-microbial or anti-bacterial to keep your shirts from smelling after a tough workout. Some polyester shirts even offer SPF 30 protection from the sun.

When looking for the right shirt, there are a number of labels to look for. Most performance shirts will say something like Moisture Management, Cool-Dri, Clima-Cool, or Moisture Wicking on them. Each of these labels indicates that this is a shirt that will dry quickly, if not instantly. Never again will you have to suffer through the slick feeling of a sweat-soaked shirt being stuck to your back again – something no one enjoys.

While labels like Clima-Cool and Cool-Dri all indicate the ability to dry quickly, the different shirt brands will offer additional benefits such as being anti-microbial or SPF protection. Three of our favorite performance shirts brands include Champion, Hanes, and Augusta Sportswear. These well known name brands fit well, are soft to the touch, and allow … Continue reading

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