How to Use Promotional Stickers to Your Company’s Benefit

When promoting your business, whether it is new or established, the last thing you might think to use is stickers. We see them everywhere. Kid’s coloring books, concerts, car windows and car bumpers. People enjoy stickers because they are fun, interchangeable, and (when done right) creative. When used as a promotional item, stickers must capture an on-looker in less than 5 seconds and draw them in with a unique design. Don’t let that intimidate you. Promotional stickers can help increase your brand awareness or promote a specific event.

Business-stickersThe key to promotional stickers is knowing what you are trying to promote and having a plan. One of my favorite places to find promotional sticker samples is at Warped Tour, an all day music festival during the summer. Stickers at Warped Tour have become a sort of event in and of themselves. To the people who go, they’re collectables and mementos. Most are free, but some are sold in packs at low prices. The best stickers from Warped Tour 2012 were actually from a vendor promoting awareness about product testing on animals. They were so creative and appealing that you wanted to sign up for their emails and phone lists just to get one. Even if your promotional sticker only says your company name or website, if the design can draw a potential customer in it will be a successful tool.

Stickers can serve many purposes when promoting your business. If you visit customers regularly, use your promotional stickers as a creative leave behind. Do customers come into your offices? Place stacks of stickers in areas that they are likely to see, such as waiting rooms or at a front desk. If your company hands out information packets, include a sticker or two in the packet. Promotional stickers are also the … Continue reading

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Customize Group Shirts for Large Outings

With the weather warming up and summer on its way, vacations, and trips to the amusement park are nearly upon us. Keeping track of each child can be difficult when there are a dozen of them, all running in different directions. It’s even more difficult when other families have the same idea as you and bring their own kids. When planning a vacation or large group event, don’t fret. Instead, make each child easy to spot with customized group shirts that are easily recognizable.

When customizing the perfect shirts for your child’s birthday party or a large play date, there are three elements to consider. In order to make the shirt as visible as possible, focus on these three things.

  • Group-outing-t-shirtBright Colors – Brightly colored shirts stand in a crowd out and can help you locate any child in your group with only a glance. Neon colors are bold and easily spotted, as well as a recent trend. Colors like orange and yellow are great alternatives for those who want to stand out in a crowd, but not glow in the dark.. To make wearing the shirts fun for the kids, let each one tie dye their own shirt with a set of neon or bright colors that you’ve chosen to be appropriate.
  • Bold Font – If your t-shirts are going to include any type of print on them, make sure it is in a font that stands out, whether in size or design. A bold font is easier to see and read. The shirts can read something simple like a number or name, or get creative and come up with a group name.
  • Unique Graphic – A unique graphic will stand out to you and keep your group from looking like any other group of kids. With neon colors
  • Continue reading

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Custom Aprons for PEZ Factory


Since we were kids, PEZ candies and their creative dispensers have been both fun and delicious. When the PEZ factory in Orange, CT presented us with the opportunity to create custom aprons for their factory, we were honored to be of use.

Many of you likely know PEZ as a child’s toy or a collector’s item. What you might not know is it actually started out as a breath mint, later became a method to encourage smokers to quit, and in the mid 1950′s finally transformed into the pioneer of interactive candy that we know and love. To grow the U.S market, fruity flavors were introduced and character dispensers were utilized to help market PEZ towards children.

Originally invented in Vienna, Austria, the name PEZ was created from the German word pfefferminz, meaning peppermint. In less than a decade, production was moved to Czechoslovakia in order to manufacture the small candies on a larger scale. By 1952, PEZ-Haas, Inc established a PEZ headquarters in New York City, and moved their production to Orange, CT in 1974.

One of the first characters to be licensed for manufacturing in the U.S. was Popeye in the late 1950′s. A decade later Mickey Mouse followed. Today, PEZ has a candy dispenser for just about every movie and cartoon character, many of them incredibly valuable. Although the manufacturing of PEZ candies and dispensers has been located in Connecticut for over four decades, it was not until December of 2011 that a visitor center was opened to give fans an idea of how their favorite PEZ candies are made.

Located at 35 Prindle Hill Road in Orange, CT, the PEZ Visitor Center holds “one of the largest collection of PEZ memorabilia on display in the world.” Not only is there a viewing area that allows visitors … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

When running your own business or managing a team of employees, employee appreciation is important to keep company morale up. Every employee wants to be acknowledged for doing a great job and working hard. Raises and additional vacation days are ideal, but not always possible or in the budget. Don’t let that stop you from showing your team how much you appreciate their hard work. Instead, reward your employees with an Employee Appreciation Day or a company outing to show your appreciation.

  1. Custom t-shirts and business apparel: Every now and then, companies like Whole Foods Market show their employees appreciation by ordering custom shirts and business apparel for everyone. Embroidered polo shirts or screen printed t-shirts are often a huge hit with employees. Custom business apparel can even include hats and jackets, depending on your business. It’s a nice break for employees to not have to buy clothes for work or worry about what to wear once in a while.
  2. Mugs: Whether they’re coffee lovers or tea lovers, the majority of people enjoy a good cup of caffeine in the morning to give them a boost. Rewarding employees with a company mug, be it a travel mug or regular, shows them that you understand and appreciate them. Travel mugs are great for employees who are always on the go and may work long hours, while a regular mug is perfect for any desktop. By having your company logo or motto engraved onto it, you add a custom touch to a useful gift.
  3. Plaques and trophies: These are great for employee of the month awards. However, if your company doesn’t participate in employee of the month activities, make it something fun for your employees to enjoy. We all remember the humorous superlatives from our high school year books – Class Clown,
  4. Continue reading

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6 Quick Steps to Create Your Own Vector Image


Say you want to customize your own shirt with your own graphic. It seems easy enough. Send the graphic to your local screen printing company, they’ll screen it onto however many shirts you order, and voila. In order to customize your t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or any item with the image from your own graphic, it will first have to be recreated in vector format. To do so, you will need Photoshop and Illustrator.

  1. To start, you’ll need to trace the desired parts of your graphic in Photoshop and delete the background along with any parts of the graphic you do not want included in your artwork.
  2. In Photoshop, go to Layers, then New Adjustments, and use either Brightness Contrast or Curves to create a contrast within your image. The goal is to find and highlight the details within your image.
  3. Once you’re done with step two, save your image using Save As, under File.
  4. After downloading the desired JPEG image, launch Illustrator and go to File, then Open, and select the desired image.
  5. After opening your JPEG document in Illustrator, the first step is to locate your tracing options. These can be found by going to Object, then Live Trace, where you will find Tracing Options. At first, your image may be missing a lot of detail. To fix this, change the threshold to your preference.
  6. Once you’ve finished, hit the expand button.

For a visual step-by-step, check out this video. Those new to Photoshop and Illustrator may want to practice on simpler designs before creating vector graphics for customized shirts and apparel.

By creating your own vector graphics, you ensure that the image printed on your t-shirt will be clear instead of distorted. Unlike JPEG images which are made up of pixels, vector images are made of paths. … Continue reading

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