3 Ways to Successfully Use a Banner in Advertising

When marketing your business, you want to stay within your budget and reach your targeted demographic. One of the best methods to achieve this is using a banner. Social media and email campaigns are helpful when advertising a business, but can only reach your current followers and customers. By using a customized banner in advertising, your company can reach out to new and current customers during any occasion.

  1. Grand Openings Every company wants a highly successful grand opening. In order to reach new customers, try a new method and On-Time_Banner-Pricing_1-22-13-1customize a banner with your desired information. Are you offering a special promotion at your grand opening? Is it an event? By printing specific information on a larger scale, you can ensure that any passerby is captivated and convinced they must attend.
  2. Short Term Sales During a short term sale, you want to make sure that as many people as possible know about it. By using a customized banner, you increase your chances of gaining new customers as well as alerting current and old customers. The key to a successful short term sale banner is making sure that the most important information (what the sale is) is largest on your banner and easy to read.
  3. Events and Expos When hosting an event or attending an expo, awareness and brand recognition are vital. By using a banner, you get your message across to all potential and current customers. Banners can be hung on the front of your booth at an expo, or just behind you as a backdrop to inform people of your business and the reason you’re there. Similarly, banners hung outside of your business or place of your event grab attention and tell people who you are, why you’re there, and what you’re doing in a short span of time.
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5 Creative Ways to Up-Cycle Your Old T-Shirts

Everyone has that drawer full of sentimental t-shirts they don’t wear anymore but can’t throw them out. Keeping them takes away from closet space, but throwing them out feels like abandoning every memory associated with them. We just can’t force ourselves to get rid of them. So instead of throwing away your old t-shirt, we found these five creative and fun ways to turn them into something new.


  • Upcycle-tshirts-artworkFor the crafters – Turn your old t-shirts into a new rug. This project idea is perfect for kids who have outgrown old outfits, or those
    going away to college. The right rug can brighten a room and is a relief to your feet in the winter when floors become ice cold (especially in dorm rooms). For this no-sew project, all you need is a pair of scissors, about a dozen shirts (or more if you want a large rug), and a hula hoop. After cutting your t-shirts into strips, use a few of the t-shirt strips to create spokes within the hula hoop, and begin weaving your t-shirt rug as though it were a web. At the end, it should look something like this.
  • For the fashionistas – Turn an oversized t-shirt into the perfect summertime dress. To start, turn the shirt inside out and try it on. Decide where you want to waist to be and mark it with pins or chalk (the less dangerous option). Cut an elastic that comfortably wraps around the same place you want the waist of your dress to be. For an understated look, use a thin elastic of an inch or less. More than two inches will make the waist of you t-shirt dress stand out. Afterward, sew the elastic to your dress using these sewing instructions. Trimming the neckline is
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5 Affordable Ways to Successfully Promote Your Business

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is brand recognition. We often see businesses struggling to come up with creative ways to reach more people. Advertising can be expensive and often promotes your ad briefly in a newspaper, magazine, or on TV. Digital marketing, such as social media, is popular but it takes time and expertise to be effective. What do you do if you want to promote your business and build brand awareness immediately?

Custom apparel and promotional printing are often over looked. It is a common misconception that only businesses with large budgets can afford them. The truth is, there are many options to fit a variety of budgets. Your employees can wear your business apparel, a vehicle graphic can go on your car or truck and stickers or decals and go just about anywhere. Not to mention, any of these options will last longer than an ad in your local paper or a magazine.

Here are 5 affordable ways for you to promote your business

  1. Custom Business Apparel Customized t-shirts, jackets, and even hats are a great way to promote your business.. This works great for a variety of businesses including contractors, deli and restaurant owners, and other companies providing a service. By having your Embroidery-samplescompany logo printed on your employee’s shirts, you guarantee it will be seen and people will start to recognize the logo and name.
  2. Vehicle Graphics A graphic for your car is a great way to increase brand visibility since it’s already on the road.. By including your company name, contact information, logo, website and motto, you create the opportunity to market your company without effort. While you’re out on a job, or simply running errands, your vehicle graphic tells the public everything they need to know about your services offered and how
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