Why Ordering More Custom Shirts Can Actually Cost You Less

Yes we said it – less really is more. When ordering custom t-shirts the more t-shirts you order, the lower the cost. The higher the quantity of shirts ordered, the lower the cost of each shirt. Whether you order six custom shirts or one hundred custom shirts, the setup process to screen print them takes the same amount of time. Printing 50 shirts takes almost the same amount of time as printing 5 shirts. How is it possible that screen printing 50 shirts costs less money and takes about the same time as it would to screen print five shirts? The answer is in the setup process.

When preparing our equipment with your custom designs, a stencil – commonly called a screen in the industry – must be prepared for each OnTime_Blog_Screens-01individual color in your design. Setting up these screens is the most time consuming part of the screen printing process. Custom artwork goes through our art department, where it is imported into a design program. Each color used becomes its own layer within the program, and is then electronically sent to an ink jet printer that prints one piece of film – or transparent paper – for each color component used in the design.

After the films are printed they are applied to a screen that has been coated with a light sensitive chemical and exposed to an ultraviolet light. Once this step is complete, the screen is ready to be loaded onto the press. Each screen is carefully lined up so the colors print next to one another and create your custom designed graphic. Depending on the complexity of your design, this process can take anywhere from five to fourty-five minutes to complete.

Each color and screen is accompanied by a setup fee. Whether you order six shirts … Continue reading

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Customize Your Softball Uniforms!

As the warm weather begins to melt the snow, there’s one thing on our minds – Spring sports. Nothing is more relaxing or refreshing as spending some time in the sun out on the field. Each year, kids line up to sign up for town baseball leagues, and parents join their own softball leagues for some recreational fun. Whether you’re a serious competitor or simply looking for some fun after work, designing your softball uniform is part of the fun when participating in a recreational league.

Softball uniformsThe first step to designing your team’s uniform is picking a logo and team colors. A common trend in softball leagues around the area is to find a sponsor. It could be your local watering hole, the company you work for, or someone in the community looking to help their name become more recognizable. Sponsors often cover the cost of your shirts, entry fee, and hats. In return teams use the business name, logo, or add information to the back of the jersey. It’s a great way to cut costs and help local businesses reach more people.

Once you know what you want you want your uniforms to look like the rest is as simple as picking out the shirt style. Team shirts can be 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or a blend of the two. A cotton t-shirt is likely to feel heavier in the warm weather and will shrink about one-quarter of an inch all the way around after the first wash. A polyester shirt will help wick away sweat while you’re out on the field and will not shrink. A blend of the two materials meets a happy medium. Whichever material you prefer, a simple t-shirt is always a great go-to, especially if you’re on a budget. If you have a little … Continue reading

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How to Grow Your Business With a Vehicle Graphic

When building your company, it is important to focus on your brand. How will your company be recognized? Do you have a logo? Is your brand logo visible to potential customers? Each of these aspects is important when building your company. It is crucial that your brand logo stands out, is appealing to the eye, and attracts new customers.

Vehicle graphics allow you to accomplish all three goals at once. Growing companies, like Mike’s Handyman Services, benefit from vehicle graphics because anyone on the road can see them. As a young general contractor company, Mike’s Handyman Services has been invehicle-graphics-graphic business since 2005. Based out of Waterbury, they service all of the New Haven County, specializing in painting, roofing, siding, and flooring. They have the skills to get the job done well, but without the recognition jobs are hard to come across.

By customizing vehicle graphics for their company, Mike’s Handyman Services has been able to grow their business a little more every day. Each side door of the company’s trucks has the name of their business on it. The back bumper of the truck repeats the name of the company, as well as their phone number and the slogan “No job too small”. By adding these details to their company trucks, they ensure that people begin to recognize their name.

Vehicle graphics can be customized specially for each company’s need and budget. Gaining even one customer from the use of a vehicle graphic pays off the graphic itself. When people find they are in need of a contractor, they’ll think of the Mike’s Handyman Services truck they saw while driving on the highway. As a small business, Mike doesn’t have time to market during the day while he’s working. His Vehicle graphic makes sure he’s marketing whether he’s on Continue reading

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How Customized Shirts Can Improve Your Business

Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and with it the mile long parades and a sea of green beads, hats and t-shirts. In a crowd full of so much green, it can be hard to stand out with your own shamrock t-shirts, something that the Milford Fire Department understands. During this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade, the Milford Fire Department wanted to have some extra fun and stand out with customized t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Customizing shirts for professional outings such as company lunches, picnics, or parade marches allow employees to relax while remainingSt Patricks Day logo professional and representing their company. By customizing their own Saint Patrick’s Day sweat shirts and t-shirts, the Milford Fire Department will creatively represent themselves and their union during the parade, enjoying the best of both worlds: having fun while still being professional.

The benefits of customized apparel are endless when it comes to business. Customizing shirts for (or even with) employees can help boost company morale by giving employees something to look forward to. They can also provide an icebreaker at a company event. Involving employees in a logo design contest can help inspire more creative thinking, within the contest as well as their daily work routine. A logo design contest also has the potential to bring coworkers together as they work in teams, building trust among each other as they learn to work together.By giving your team custom shirts, a regular day or event can turn into something exciting that will be remembered.

Aside from the professional benefits of customizing your own t-shirts or sweatshirts, customized apparel is perfect for any group event. A day at the amusement park with your family is perfect for customized shirts. Large crowds make it easy to become distracted and lose those that you were with, especially young children. … Continue reading

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