HuskyTHON T-Shirts for a Cause – a Success!

Last month the UConn Student Nurses’ Association customized t-shirts for the HuskyTHON fundraiser, a year-long fundraiser at the University of Connecticut that benefits the children at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The HuskyTHON Dance Marathon on February 16th concluded the year-long fundraiser, raising a total of $343, 416.57.


HuskyTHON Group Photo

Every effort put towards fundraising and making donations counts when raising money for a cause. The UConn Student Nurses’ Association customized their own t-shirts to sell and helped contribute to the $343, 416.57 that was raised for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. All money raised will go towards numerous programs and aide in purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment at the medical center. As part of the HuskyTHON Dance Marathon, the UConn Student Nurses’ Association also sponsored a miracle child from the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.


HuskyTHON group

HuskyTHON Dancing




Being able to assist the UConn Student Nurses’ Association in their fundraising efforts has been amazing. By customizing their own t-shirts, they were able to raise money in a creative way for a great cause. We are so happy to have helped and glad to see them succeed!

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From Pinterest Designs to Custom Wall Decals

Decorating your home is all about personalizing your space. You want guests to walk in and say, “Wow, that looks amazing! Where did you get it?” as they secretly envy your interior design skills. The challenge is finding the right inspiration and a store that carries what you want. Retail home goods stores tend to carry the same generic but “unique” products everyone has.. After combing through stores, where else is there to turn for inspiration but Pinterest?

Pinterest is a vortex of inspiration. Once you start scrolling, you can’t stop, and before you know it you’ve found dozens of ideas for decorating your home. Ideas that seem to go nowhere because the wall decal or laptop sticker you just fell in love with isn’t anywhere to be found. Instead of despairing, why not take that inspiration and create your own custom wall decals?

Custom wall decals are great because they add a personalized touch to your home without ruining your walls. They decal-pinspirationcan be taken down just as easily as they were put up, giving you the ability to redesign and redecorate, should you want to. Wall decals are delicate enough to leave your paint on the walls but sturdy enough to withstand the humidity in a steamy bathroom or the heat of your kitchen. Best of all, you can customize them to your specific desires, and when it’s time for a change they’ll come down as easily as they went up.

Creative designs like tentacles waving over the sides of your bath tub or a modern wall decal of 3D telephone poles that add depth to any room are inspiring. However, designs like these often lead to dead-end searches that start with Pinterest and end with a Google images page. Designing your own unique wall decals is … Continue reading

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Lighthouse Rum Cakes is Open for Business!

Store bought cakes that taste homemade are hard, maybe even impossible, to find. Unless they’re actually homemade. While mainstream bakeries often taste processed, Lighthouse Rum Cakes makes their own rum cakes and other desserts from scratch, delivering delicious homemade treats right to your door. As a testament to how delicious their rum cake is, Lighthouse Rum Cakes is even participating in the 19th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Expo, where they will host a table complete with a customized tabled cloth (courtesy of On Time Screen Printing), their chocolate rum cake and other delicious treats.Lighthouse-Rum-Cakes_14554_Tablecloth_Artwork

Before Lighthouse Rum Cakes was founded the owner, Jonathan Vallee, had won his company’s annual baking competition three years in a row with his signature rum cake recipe. After three years of casually entertaining the idea of opening their own business, Vallee and his wife decided to share their celebrated recipes with the rest of the world. Thus, Lighthouse Rum Cakes was born, giving dessert lovers the opportunity to have a variety of sweets delivered right to their homes.

Since Lighthouse Rum Cakes was founded, they have been working on several new treats, including a pineapple rum cake and homemade fudge. Their classic recipes include chocolate rum cake, an original rum cake with walnuts, coconut rum cake, caramel corn, and even grandma’s original oatmeal raisin cookies. Their desserts are featured on the dessert menu at MoMo Sushi in Milford, CT, and are perfect for holiday dinners, parties, a gift for a loved one, or simply a night in with movies and a large glass of milk.

When showing off how delicious your desserts are at an expo or anywhere else, it is important that your presentation – including your tablecloth – look equally as delicious. When Lighthouse Rum Cakes, a Connecticut based company, asked us to … Continue reading

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